A better loan experience.

Discover the light-hearted, empowering approach to home financing.

Not all pre-approvals
are created equal.

That’s because the mortgage process is too often cold and confusing. While you’re making one of the most exciting financial choices of your life, your mortgage lender is actually an algorithm that spits out generic solutions and misses out on what makes your story unique.

And that’s how you end up with a 30-year mortgage that isn’t a strategic win for you and your family.

Why settle for that?

Young mortgage lender finding current home loan mortgage rate on computer.
Fun, professional mortgage lender outside of his local office.

Get a better loan experience.

Understanding you

Applying for a home loan means opening up your finances, hopes, and dreams, to a perfect stranger. Get the family treatment with a 1-on-1 conversation and step-by-step instruction on filling out your application.

Free resources

We’ll give you a customized masterclass in the mortgage products and numbers that are perfect for you and yours, so you know your home financing is rock solid.

Easy to reach

This process can easily feel inaccessible and out of your control. We’ll be your faithful co-pilot by keeping in touch every step of the way.

Here through the finish

You deserve to feel cared about because you matter—not just because it’s good for business. That’s why we’ll be with you at each milestone, until you ultimately get those keys and we cross the finish line together.

The steps are simple.

1 Let's chat

We’ll talk about you and strategize what’s best for your current situation and future goals.

2 Let's apply

We’ll help you finish a simple online application and tell you exactly which documents you need to paint a picture of your situation.

3 Let's pre-approve you

We’ll teach you everything you need to know about your financing options so you can be empowered.

4 Let's keep you posted

You’ll have clear access to us and regular updates as we approach closing.

5 Let's bring you home

Move in and start making memories. Cheers!

Blue suburban home with beautiful lawn for sale.
“The process for getting the loan was very smooth. The app and email updates were helpful, and it was great to work with Jamin and Nathan.”
Seth N., Rockford, MN
"Jamin, Nate, and everyone we worked with made a daunting purchase as easy as could be… I have the highest regards."
Alexandra B., Minneapolis, MN
“Jamin was always available to quickly and clearly address questions—no pressure either!”
Adam C., Forest Lake, MN
“Jamin took a lot of time with us to explain our loan options. I learned so much more about this process and parameters than I had with other lenders in the past.”
Joshua, Isanti, MN

We can't wait to get you home.

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